She holds a Law degree from Universidad Santiago de Cali. She majored in Criminal Procedural Law at Universidad San Buenaventura de Cali and she received a master’s degree in Criminal Law from Universidad Libre de Cali.   

She joined the judicial branch in 1985 and she served as judge of mixed jurisdiction (Juez promiscuo) and in 1990 she was appointed as a municipal judge. 

Later, she served as coordinating defense attorney for the judicial police in the Pre-trial Investigation Office (Dirección de Instrucción Criminal) and she joined the Office of the Attorney General and worked as sectional prosecutor in the Unit of Law 30 of 1986. 

Between 2004 and 2008, she served as a special prosecutor for the Drug Trafficking Subunit of the Sectional Office in Cali. Then, she joined the National Anti-Narcotics and Maritime Interdiction Unit (Unidad Nacional Antinarcóticos y de Interdicción Marítima -Unaim) 

She also worked as interim director of the Sectional Office in Cali and in the First Delegate Prosecutor´s Office before the Special Investigation Unit (Fiscalía primera Delegada ante Tribunal de Distrito de la Unidad Especial de Investigación). 

She participated in courses related to human rights and international humanitarian law. fight against money laundering, probationary activity, among others. In addition, she was trained on OPDAT in the framework of the oral system, including oral trial skills.