Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensics Sciences

Carlos Eduardo Valdés

He was born in Bogotá. He is a surgeon and specialist in Forensic Anthropology at National University. He received a forensic genetics degree. He has experience teaching at universities, experience with forensic science research; technical and scientific knowledge of crime scene; investigations of human rights violations, International Humanitarian Law violations, collective killings, massacres, disasters and techniques for identification of people, personal injuries reports, determination of age and health status.

He has general knowledge of analysis technics in each area of Legal Medicine. He has extensive teaching experience in medical and forensic issues at universities such as Nacional, Libre, Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Santo Tomás, Católica, Manuela Beltrán, Militar Nueva Granada and National Police College. He is external consultant regarding forensic issues for the U.S. Embassy programs ICITAP and OPDAT in Colombia and Ecuador.

His experience includes administrative issues, personnel management, working as forensic expert and investigator during thirteen years at the Attorney General’s Office, seven of them as head of the Department of Criminology at national level, and almost seven years at the Inspector General Office as Head of the Human Rights Unit at the National Directorate of Special Investigations.