She received her undergraduate degree in Law from Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino and she majored in Commercial Law at Universidad Externado de Colombia and in Financial Law at Universidad del Rosario. She also holds a diploma in the prevention of money laundering and assets seizure. 

In the public sector, she has served as Administrative and Financial Director, Head of the Area of Contracts at the Presidency. For 18 years, she held positions such as Director of Government Contracting, Administrative Director, Interim General Secretary and Coordinator of the Human Resources Office at the Ministry of Defense. }

She was Deputy Director of the Awards Office of the Colombian Air Force, Chief of Contracts at the General Maritime Directorate; Delegate Official (Personera Delegada) on Administrative Surveillance and Delegate Official (Personera Delegada) in Contracting  at Personería Municipal in Ibagué (Tolima).