He received a Law Degree from Universidad de Nariño and he majored in criminal and criminological sciences at Universidad Externado de Colombia and in constitutional law at Universidad Santiago de Cali.

He was delegate prosecutor before the court since 2010, a position in which he ranked first in the selection process to join the Attorney General’s Office.

Throughout his career in the Judicial Branch, he has worked as judge of mixed jurisdiction in San Pablo (Nariño), municipal judge in Ipiales (Nariño), judge of the circuit court, assistant magistrate Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Justice and director of the Sectional Office in Cali (Valle del Cauca) during the administrations of Vivian Morales, Eduardo Montealegre and Néstor Humberto Martínez.

Deputy Attorney General, Gilberto Guerrero is an expert in criminal law who has studied and influenced academically, conceptually, and functionally the change from the old Colombian inquiring process to the current Accusatory Criminal System.

His work regarding the implementation of the Accusatory Criminal System has been developed as an instructor in the OPDAT agency, attached to the United States Department of Justice (2003-2013); as a member of the Comisión Permanente de Monitoreo y Seguimiento a la Implementación y Desarrollo del Sistema Acusatorio  (Permanent Commission for Monitoring and Follow-up the Implementation and Development of the Accusatory System), which is made up of the Attorney General in Phases I, II and III; and co-author of the Manual de Procedimientos en Sistema Acusatorio (Manual of Procedures in the Accusatory System) of the Attorney General’s Office in 2005.

Deputy Attorney General, Gilberto Guerrero has been coordinator of the training program at the Attorney General’s Office, in the Sectional Office in Nariño, and trainer at the so-called school Escuela de Investigación Criminal y Ciencias Forenses (School of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Sciences) at the Attorney General’s Office (2001-2007).

In the academy, he stood out as teacher in universities such as Universidad de Nariño, Cooperativa de Colombia and San Buenaventura de Cali.