She holds a Law Degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She also majored and earned a master´s degree in criminal and criminological sciences from Universidad Externado de Colombia.

In 1997, she held a position as Assistant to the Directorate of Legal Policy and Legislative Development at the Ministry of Justice and Law (Dirección de Políticas Jurídicas y Desarrollo Legislativo del Ministerio de Justicia y del Derecho) where she also held the position of specialized professional (Profesional Especializado) at the Directorate of Criminal and Penitentiary Policy.

In February 2003 she joined the Office of the Attorney General and was appointed as Sectional Prosecutor at the Assets Forfeiture and Anti-money Laundering Special Unit (Unidad Especializada contra el Lavado de Activos y  para la Extinción del Derecho de Dominio) and then as Special Prosecutor. Positions in which she led important actions against structures involved in money laundering and related crimes. Then, she acted as Delegate Prosecutor before the Court. 

In 2014, she was appointed to lead the Office Dirección Especializada de Fiscalía Antinarcóticos y Lavado de Activos, and then Dirección Especializada contra el Lavado de Activos. 

She participated in several training workshops and events related to money laundering, corruption, fight against economic and tax crimes, accusatory criminal system, special investigation techniques, mock trial about terrorism financing and economic criminal law, among others. In several scenarios she attended as trainer or expert speaker, as well as certified by CICAD -Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Comission  

In 2009, she was nominated for the Enrique Low Murtra award due to the investigation about the fund-raising DMG, receiving an honorable mention for the case.