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Article 250 of the Colombian Political Constitution

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Colombia is compelled to file the criminal action, carry out the investigation of facts reported to the Institution through claims, special requests, complaints or ex-officio, and charge the alleged perpetrators before any competent court or tribunal. Crimes committed by active members of the public force and related to the service are excluded. For such purpose the Office of the Attorney General shall:

  1. Assure the appearance of the alleged infringers of the criminal law by adopting security measures. In addition, it shall take all necessary steps to reinstate the rights and indemnify the damages caused by the offense.
  2. Assess or discard the investigations carried out.
  3. Conduct and coordinate judicial police operations carried out by the National Police and other law enforcement agencies.
  4. Protect victims, witnesses and parties to the process.
  5. Comply with all other functions provided by law.

The Attorney General and his /her delegates have jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

The Office of the Attorney General is compelled to investigate the favorable as well as the unfavorable for the indicted, respect his /her fundamental rights and procedural guarantees he/she is entitled to.