As a result of a joint operation carried out by two institutions,  38 criminal organizations throughout the country received a hard blow. The action took place in 19 departments and two main cities. 

Within the framework of the Strategic Direction defined by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, the Delegate Office on Public Safety Office and the Gaula-National Police carried out the operation ‘Faraón’ against extortion and kidnapping  to prosecute those responsible for crimes that affect public safety on the streets and in the territories. 

Thanks to the investigations that have been prioritized and the judicial police work of the National Police, 38 criminal organizations were impacted and 307 arrests of alleged members of criminal organizations or criminal groups were carried out. 

This action had an impact on 19 departments and 2 main cities nationwide. In total, 307 arrests and 256 detention measures were carried out. 

Criminal Census 

According to the statistics of the Criminal Census group (Censo Delictivo) of the Office of the Attorney General,  between January 1 and October 1 of  2019 and 2020, the crime of extortion had a reduction of 25%, taking into account that during 2020, 4861 criminal reports were created, compared to 6464 created in 2019. (Source: Criminal Census, week 39 – October 1, 2020). 

Likewise, it is worth noting that, of the total of the 4861 criminal complaints on extortion, the most frequent modality is the phone call with 51% (2464), through social networks a 24% (1161), in person 22% (1092 ) and through pamphlet 3% (144).