The Attorney General’s Office makes progresses in different investigative lines aimed at identifying and prosecuting people  involved in the functioning of a drug trafficking complex discovered on February 12 in a farm named Haras de San Fernando  in Guasca (Cundinamarca) owned by the former Ambassador to Uruguay Fernando Sanclemente Alzate.  

In this sense, Miguel Antonio Gómez Piñeros, who would be one of the financiers of the production and commercialization of cocaine that was produced in this laboratory, was arrested. This person turned himself in to the police station in Guayatá (Boyacá) on July 22. A court order against him was carried out. 

A prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Drug Trafficking charged Gómez Piñeros with trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs; and trafficking of chemical substances to process narcotics. The hearings will continue before a supervisory judge in the city of Bogotá.