Prosecutors and judicial police groups have been assigned to the branch offices to join efforts aimed at prosecuting those responsible for this crime.

Crimes that seriously affect public safety are prioritized by the Office of the Attorney General. In this sense, and due to the increase in murders, the institution is creating a joint strategy with CTI and SIJIN judicial police to clarify events that attempt against citizens’ lives.

The Delegate Director on Citizen Security, Carmen Torres Malaver, has highlighted the coordinated work between prosecutors and the judicial police that has allowed in the branch offices not only to carry out the arrests but also to impact criminal organizations which besides being engaged in micro-trafficking and thefts activities, they also were involved in the commission of murders

“They work 24 hours a day to clarify these events that took place in the year 2020. For this reason, prosecutions, arrests, and virtual hearings continue even in times of pandemic. The results of these prosecutors and judicial police articulated groups are reflected not only in the arrests but also in the impact on criminal organizations”, stated the official.

Regarding the city of Bogotá, the areas with the highest number of crimes which affected the citizens’ lives have been identified. Therefore, since May 20, the special group of prosecutors from the unit (Unidad de Vida) joined efforts and prioritized the areas of Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Mártires, Rafael Uribe and Bosa.