At the request of the Sectional Office in Cundinamarca belonging to the Office of the Attorney General, a judge of the circuit sentenced former municipal mayor of Gachancipá (Cundinamarca) Alfonso López Sánchez to 48 months in prison for breach of duty ( action).

The judge took into account the evidence supported by the accusing body into consideration. Based on it, he determined that the then-mayor for 2008-2011 approved, through decree 022 of April 16, 2009, the change of purpose of an area which was destined for rural work and was changed for urban use, violating the laws that regulate land use (Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial (POT)).

In accordance with the provisions, any project to review and modify the POT or any of its content should be agreed with the community and should have the approval of the Municipal Council; however, the investigators found that the mayor fraudulently presented records of old meetings held with the community and with a former mayor of the same municipality.