In the framework of the strategy Transparency in the Emergency (Transparencia por la Emergencia) a judge from Corozal (Sucre) accepted the arguments of the Office of the Attorney General and issued a detention order against the mayor and the secretary of health of the municipality San Juan de Betulia (Sucre), a contractor, and prosecuted two advisers to the municipality and a private individual for alleged irregularities in a contract related to the purchase of food kits due to the health emergency.

The court ordered house arrest for Juan Manuel Hoyos Angulo, mayor of San Juan de Betulia (Sucre); John Arrieta Torres, Secretary of Health; John Buelvas, a contractor; and Pablo Fernández Caro, public accountant. In addition, it imposed a non-custodial measure against David Herazo Herazo, legal advisor to the Municipality, and released Pedro León Sierra, economic advisor and Julio Tuirán García.

The prosecuting authority charged the defendants with the offenses of execution of a contract without compliance with legal requirements, undue interest in the execution of contracts, misappropriation in favor of third parties and the own benefit, and use of false public document as the principles of objective selection, transparency, planning, economy, suitability, among others were not taken into consideration when the contract was signed.