In less than six months, the Attorney General’s Office solved one of the corruption cases that caused a huge impact on Colombian citizens. 

Reaffirming its commitment to tackling corruption, the Office of the Attorney General seized* personal and real property worth $ 5 billion owned by the former director of Universidad Distrital, Wilman Muñoz, and his relatives.

Investigations and evidence gathered by a group of prosecutors allowed to establish how Muñoz Prieto, who is currently in La Picota prison in Bogotá, illegally took possession of more than $12.209 billion.

The financial and accounting analysis evidenced that the defendant took advantage of his position as director of Instituto de Extensión y Educación para el Trabajo y Desarrollo Humano (IDEXUD) at Universidad Distritalhe used the institution’s Visa credit card for his benefit and also issued 369 checks for his eccentricities. 

*Assets Seizure: Extinción de Dominio means “Loss of ownership of property derived from or used in criminal activity which will be seized by the government”.