One of the properties, located in the District of Cartagena, would be used to move the airport of Cartagena named Rafael Núñez.

The Office of the Attorney General and National Police carried out a joint operation in six Departments of the country impacting illegal finances of the criminal structure led by Marcos de Jesús Figueroa García, alias Marquitos Figueroa, which was also integrated by José ‘Ñeñe’ Hernández and Armando Gnecco known as ‘Mandarino’.

The investigators determined that those properties were purchased with resources resulting from illegal activities, apparently related to drug trafficking activities. These properties were in the name of Figueroa and several of his relatives. Other properties appeared in the name of ‘Ñeñe’ and ‘Mandarino’.

This organization is considered responsible for several crimes related to businessmen of the north area of the country which affect the security and coexistence of the residents of that zone.

* Extinción de Dominio means “Loss of ownership of property derived from or used in criminal activity which will be seized by government”.