Liutenant colonel (retired) Aguilar Naranjo was convicted by the Supreme Court on August 14, 2013 since he supported and formed an alliance with the so called ‘Bloque Central Bolívar’ bloc of the Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

 The Office of the Attorney General requested before the Justice and Peace Court in Santander to seize and suspend the power to alienate 32 properties in the name of third parties who allow others to use their names and manage, conceal and unite their properties and those of former governor in Santander Hugo Heliodoro Aguilar Naranjo together.

According to land registry, these properties were valued at 6.764´924.000 pesos  to partially compensate more than 40.000 victims who were recognized as such by  a judge´s decision. More than 5.000 victims were attributed to the Bolivar central Bloc (Bloque Central Bolivar (BCB)).