The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, highlighted the election of new magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, as an example for the country.

Likewise, he praised the appointments in the Criminal Chamber of the Court, which will help to strengthen judicial collaboration and deal with challenges of criminal policy in the country.

With the arrival of the new magistrates, a message is sent to Colombian citizens concerning the judicial institutions’ commitment to guarantee that justice is administered in a proper and right way, a purpose which is also shared by the Attorney General.

The arrival of Magistrates Gerson Chaverra Castro, Luis Benedicto Herrera Díaz, Iván Mauricio Lenis Gómez, Omar Ángel Mejía Amador, Fabio Ospitia Garzón, Hugo Quintero Bernate and Francisco José Ternera Barrios will dynamize the operation of the institution which is pillar of the Social State based on the rule of Law.