DNA tests performed to the soda bottle found at the scene and compared with the samples found on the nails of one of the victims, would corroborate the alleged liability of the person who is under investigation. 

As part of the strategy to strengthen public safety in the Department of Nariño, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, during his visit to the municipality of Tumaco, announced the results obtained in 18 days about the clarification of the double feminicide committed in Colón Genova (Nariño). 

The evidence collected by the investigators allowed the identification of Edison Esneider Buitrón Cerón, 32 years old, as the alleged responsible for the crimes of aggravated femicide with series of similar crimes and aggravated violent sexual assault.  

The Attorney General stated that “The Office of the Attorney is not going to allow these criminals to get their way, we are going to pursue them, we are going to prosecute them, and we are not going to allow them to continue committing these facts anywhere in the national territory”. 

The crime which was  investigated by a prosecutor of the Sectional Office in Nariño took place on October 23rd 2020, in the rural area known as El Llano in Villanueva (Nariño) where a 73-year-old woman and her 9 years old granddaughter were murdered. 

After prioritizing this case from a gender perspective, the Office of the Attorney General, with the support of CTI and Sijín Denar, proved that the defendant apparently arrived at the coffee field where the victims were looking for firewood. The man allegedly took advantage of the situation to attack them. He allegedly beat the adult leaving her unconscious in order to sexually assault the minor and then to cause her death. 

The investigators found at the crime scene conclusive evidence such as the plastic container of a soft drink that was bought by the alleged aggressor in the rural area of Villanueva before the attack. 

It should be noted that the DNA found in the bottle and the analysis of the samples found on the girl’s nails would corroborate the alleged liability of Buitrón Cerón in the commission of the criminal action against the minor and his grandmother. 

The interviews and witness statements made it possible to establish the route used by the defendant until he found them. 

This person has guilty verdicts for aggravated murder, and trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs and firearms trafficking. Likewise, it was demonstrated that this person had house arrest, which he violated. Therefore, he was charged with  jailbreak.  

The First Municipal Court of Mixed Jurisdiction* in Colón Genova (Nariño) accepted the arguments presented by the Office of the Attorney General and ordered that he must serve a sentence in the prison of Pasto (Nariño) or a place established by the Inpec. 

Buitrón Cerón did not plead guilty to the charges brought by the Office of the Attorney General. 

“The Office of the Attorney General is protecting our children and adolescents. We act as guarantors and we are not going to allow, in no way, that these behaviors persist (…) we are not going to tolerate the continuation of this campaign of infamy against our women, against our children and against our adolescents”, concluded the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa. 

In the last nine months, the Office of the Attorney General has reached 94% in the clarification of femicides and 100% in 16 Departments. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest. 


*Juzgado  promiscuo  in  spanish.