The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, and Deputy Attorney General Martha Mancera met with the Ministry of Defense and the commanders of the National Police and the Military Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) to analyze the strategic plan against crime 2021 and make possible joint actions in all territories of the country.

This inter-institutional work is part of the strategies developed to achieve the goals  defined for the four-year period, among which, the Attorney General highlighted the fight against crime and criminal organizations, as a priority.

In addition, some actions to counteract drug trafficking, the strategic corridors of drug trafficking and the defense of the environment were outlined, primarily in national natural parks; as well as the investigation and clarification of crimes against human rights defenders and social leaders.

In order to achieve the goals, the Attorney General Babosa Delgado, in the company of the Deputy Attorney and part of his executive staff have been in the territories, creating alliances between prosecutors, investigators, the public force and the Military Forces to strengthen the institutional presence in all corners of the national territory.

Under the slogan of “A single institutionality” (“Una sola institucionalidad”) it is expected to reach the most distant places where, in many cases, the inhabitants have not had access to justice. Thus, the needs of the community in this area and in terms of public safety will be addressed, after analyzing the crimes with the highest incidence and impact in the regions, such as theft and murders, among others, to act in a prompt and effective manner.

The meeting was attended by: the Minister of Defense (e) and Commander of the Military Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro; the Vice Minister of Defense, Jairo García; the commander of the National Army, Major General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro; the commander of the National Navy, Vice Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Pérez; and the commander of the Colombian Air Force, General Ramsés Rueda Rueda.

A single institutionality to combat crime.