• In his trip to the region with Army and Police authorities, the Attorney General reviewed details of ‘Agamenón’, one of the largest operations against drug trafficking. 

 • In Urabá Antioqueño, the structural blow against the ELN Organized Armed Group- GAO which took place two days after the visit of the prosecutor Barbosa to Barrancabermeja this week, was announced to coordinate interinstitutional actions.

Under his institutional policy ‘En La Calle y En Los Territorios’ (near people and territories), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, arrived in Urabá antioqueño accompanied by Deputy Attorney, Martha Mancera, and the Delegate Director on Public Safety, Luisa Obando,  to coordinate and strengthen the work carried out by the Army and the National Police in operation ‘Agamenón’, to combat drug trafficking. 

From Carepa (Antioquia), and after visiting the anti-narcotics police base in Necoclí, with Dijín director, General Fernando Murillo; and the commander of the Seventeenth Army Brigade, Colonel José Luis Bastidas; the prosecutor Barbosa stated that “the Office of the Attorney General will implement a strategy with itinerant prosecutors to improve judicial effectiveness in that area of ​​the country.” 

He also went through Serranía de Abibe in Nudo de Paramillo and he was at the binational border base El Limón, between Colombia and Panama, to verify the joint actions that are being carried out in that strategic corridor against the criminal group Clan del Golfo

As a result of the inter-institutional strategy coordinated in the territories, the Attorney General revealed a structural blow against organized crime that was achieved in Magdalena Medio, two days after the visit in Barrancabermeja (Santander), to establish the operational dynamic.  

Magdalena Medio 

In the south area of Bolívar, the ELN Organized Armed Group-GAO, Darío Ramírez Castro Front and the substructure called Los Ratones received a hard blow. 

 “We arrested seven people belonging to the structure Los Ratones, who will be brought before to a supervisory judge in the next few hours” said Prosecutor Barbosa. 

During the operations carried out by the Army and the Police in area of Barranco de Loba, south of Bolívar, there was a confrontation with members of the illegal armed group, in which Bercelio Campuzano Arrieta, alias Ratón, head of that ELN substructure, died.  

According to the investigations, the organization ‘Los Ratones’ would be responsible for extorting merchants, miners, and ranchers in the municipalities El Banco (Magdalena), Barranco de Loba, San Martín de Loba, Hatillo de Loba, Altos del Rosario, Tiquisio and Norosí in Bolívar. 

“We are a single institution, a single institution to tackle crime. The Office of the Attorney General shows results to the country”, concluded the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado.