The Office of the Attorney General and Army arrested eight alleged members of two transnational organizations engaged in cocaine smuggling. Three of the individuals who were arrested would be leaders of the Óliver Sinisterra residual structure.

As a result of joint operations carried out in Tumaco (Nariño), Bogotá and Soacha (Cundinamarca), the Office of the Attorney General and the Army gave a hard blow to criminal structures engaged in trafficking drugs to Central America and the United States.

Eight people were arrested by virtue of arrest warrants issued by different United States Courts for drug trafficking and money laundering offenses.

Arrests in Tumaco

In a first operation named Eclesiastes II, CTI investigators belonging to the Office of the Attorney General, units of Battalion number 4 against Drug Trafficking – National Army and members of the Colombian Navy with the support of DEA, arrested in the urban area of ​​Tumaco three alleged leaders of the drug trafficking network of the Oliver Sinisterra Armed Group (GAOr).

These people would be responsible for smuggling cocaine hydrochloride in semi-submersibles from the coasts of the Colombian Pacific to Central American countries.