Two women and one man who transported the alkaloid in four suitcases and intended to ship it on a charter flight from Bogotá to Mexico were arrested by virtue of an order issued by a Magistrate judge  (in Spanish control de garantias) for aggravated drug trafficking, manufacturing or possessing.

During an inspection conducted by the Anti-Narcotics Police in a hangar for charter flights, the antinarcotic dog alerted about the contents of four suitcases in which 164.5 kilos of cocaine and 1.9 kilos of a pink synthetic drug were found distributed in several packages.

According to what it was established, the suitcases belonged to three people who would travel to Sinaloa (Mexico) but they could not indicate the origin of the drug. They claimed to be tourists in Colombia.

The defendants were identified as Fernando López Balarte (26 years old), Brenda Farias Tager (49 years old) and Elibeth Margarita Acosta (23 years old). They were  charged by the Office of the Attorney General  before a Magistrate Judge in Bogotá for aggravated drug trafficking, manufacturing or possessing. They did not plead guilty to the charges.