The Office of the Attorney General carried out the arrest of the mayor of Envigado, Raúl Eduardo Cardona González; Secretary of the Treasury (Secretaria de Hacienda) Girlesa Mesa Medina;  former councilor of Envigado, Lindon Johnson Galeano Abello, and several private individuals who allegedly took possession of huge amounts of  money through irregular execution of contracts.

Within the framework of the so-called ‘Bolsillos de Cristal’ strategy promoted by the Attorney General, current mayor of the municipality of Envigado (Antioquia), Raúl Eduardo Cardona González; the municipal comptroller, José Conrado Restrepo; the Secretary of the Treasury (Secretaria de Hacienda), Girlesa Mesa Medina, and several individuals were arrested. They were part of an alleged corruption network aimed at appropriating public funds.

According to the process carried out by the Unit of Crimes against Public Administration, Sectional Prosecutor’s Office in Medellin, public servants planned several irregularities to appropriate huge quantities of money in Envigado.

*Natilleras: a Colombian term used specifically in the region of Antioquia to define a money saving system used by some people in which money is saved during several months and at the end of the year they spend their own savings.