This year a 95% effectiveness has been achieved with the detention measures that have been imposed against alleged members of these criminal networks since 177 of the 186 arrested people have received prison sentences.

In Cúcuta, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, accompanied by the Deputy Attorney Martha Yaneth Mancera and the Sectional Director in Norte de Santander, Daniel Tapias Ocampo, presented the results of investigative actions carried out in the department to counteract the crimes that affect public safety the most.

In this regard, he announced that so far this year, the Sectional Office in Norte de Santander has dismantled 34 criminal structures which is equivalent to 60% of the gangs that operate in the region and commit homicides, theft, extortion and drug trafficking, both local and transnational.

The Office of the Attorney General has prosecuted 186 of the alleged members of these criminal networks, of which 177 received custodial measures. The Attorney General pointed out that “This result is very important since the measures that were implemented were 95% effective due to the meticulous technical work carried out by the Office of the Attorney General in its investigations.”

Some of the defendants that were detained by the CTI, the Police and the National Army, belonged to organized armed groups that operated in the Department such as Farc dissents, Los Pelusos, ELN- Compañía Héroes del Catatumbo, Clan del Golfo and Los Rastrojos.

Likewise, 1,233 kilograms of marijuana and 1,534 kilograms of cocaine have been seized within the framework of the proceedings carried out to combat micro-trafficking, impacting this source of financing of the criminal organizations.

Among the criminal groups that were impacted, the following stand out:

Clan del Golfo – arrest of alias Fabián

In the last hours, alias Fabián, alleged ring leader of the Clan del Golfo substructure denominated Luis Orlando Padierna Peña with presence in Norte de Santander was arrested in rural area of Buena Esperanza in flagrante delicto, for illegal possession of firearms.

According to the investigations, alias Fabián has a criminal history of more than 15 years, as he belonged to the extinct Bloque Calima of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia – AUC) in Valle del Cauca and to Clan Úsuga.

The Office of the Attorney General will charge him with manufacture, trafficking, or possession of firearms and other crimes before a judge.

Los del Burro

The Office of the Attorney General prosecuted 13 alleged members of the criminal gang Los del Burro, who would be involved in several homicides that took place between 2020 and 2021.

According to the evidence obtained by the Office of the Attorney General, the group committed crimes in Cúcuta (Norte de Santander) such as homicides in order to control of the sale of drugs.

Among the people arrested is Yeison Andrés Severiche Martínez, alias Yeison or ‘el Gato’, the alleged leader of the gang, who was allegedly in charge of coordinating the criminal actions.

Los Buques

With the arrest of 8 of its alleged members, the common criminal group known as Los Buques was dismantled. They operated in the so-called ‘comunas’ 6, 7 and 9 in  Cúcuta.

The defendants allegedly used firearms to intimidate their victims and stole their personal items.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.