• In a visit to France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, thematic axes such as special investigation techniques, cybercrimes, extradition, money laundering, and assets seizure were addressed
  • The results of the investigative actions carried out by the institution concerning the criminal acts that occurred during the days of social protest in Colombia were also presented

From Geneva (Switzerland), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, presented a balance of his official visit to different countries in Europe, since October 11th, which aimed at holding international cooperation meetings to address, among other issues, the fight against transnational organized crime, as well as crimes committed against human rights defenders.

  • Meeting with the UN High Commissioner in Switzerland

This October 15, in Geneva, a meeting was held with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, in which progresses made by the institution in investigations into the criminal acts that occurred during the days of the social protest in Colombia as well as the work done in defense of human rights, were presented.

In this regard, the Attorney General stated that the official “recognized the work of the Office of the Attorney General about clarification of crimes against social leaders and people in process of reincorporation, our work with the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz JEP), our commitment with the implementation of the Peace Agreement signed in 2016 and the work we are doing in the territories”.

  • Meetings in France

In Paris (France), the Attorney General Barbosa held a meeting with the Director of the French Judiciary Police, Jérôme Bonet, the Chief Director of the Anti-Drug Office to the Ministry of Interior, and the deputy director in the fight against the Organized Crime in which they analyzed the technical cooperation between both countries in the fight against criminal organizations, especially drug trafficking, human trafficking, and cybercrimes.

During the meeting, the possibility of new bilateral agreements to carry out joint actions and promote technical training in investigations regarding the aforementioned criminal phenomena was also analyzed.

“The Office of the Attorney General is strengthening its international judicial cooperation in terms of the fight against drug trafficking and against assets linked to these criminal structures to seize them and to be able to fight against this transnational crime specifically in France and the Netherlands”, stated the Attorney General

The Attorney General also held a meeting in the main city of France with the Colombian ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos OCDE), Adriana Mejía Hernández, in which he reiterated the institution’s commitment to comply with the recommendations of the Public Governance Committee (PGC) as part of the Post-Accession Commitments of the Colombian State.

  • Meeting in Holland

On the other hand, in Amsterdam (Holland), a meeting was held with the President of the Board of Attorney-Generals (College van procureurs-generaal), Gerrit van der Burg to discuss extradition issues and the strengthening of cooperation in special investigative techniques.

A report about the bilateral relationship between the Netherlands and Colombia on extradition and judicial assistance was presented. Also, issues such as drug trafficking, money laundering and assets seizure were addressed. Joint strategies were also proposed to combat human trafficking.

In matters of criminal finances, Gerrit van der Burg expressed his interest in replicating the assets seizure concept in his legal system to deprive criminal organizations of their economic support and, therefore, impact their operational capacity.

In a meeting with the Chief of the National Police Unit of the Netherlands, Jannine van den Berg experiences about investigation and prosecution within the context of the pandemic were exchanged.

Likewise, the creation of joint investigation teams for cases of bilateral interest between Colombia and Holland was addressed; and the importance of exchanging knowledge about the operation of bitcoin and the impact on new forms of crime was highlighted.

“We are carrying out a joint work to fight cybercrime and everything related to bitcoin that also raises debates about money laundering in different places, specifically in our country and in Europe”, said the Attorney General.

At the meeting with the Dutch authorities, the routes that were identified as the corridors for committing drug trafficking in Europe were assessed and investigations related to criminal organizations operating in that country were assessed. Based on that, the strengthening of strategies to combat transnational organized crime was agreed.

At the end of his visit, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, concluded that the Office of the Attorney General is doing its work not only in the territories of the country but also it is strengthening the judicial cooperation with the international community and carrying out joint work with the different multilateral organizations in order to have a Prosecutor’s Office that complies with the Colombian institutionality.

When we speak, results follow.