The coordinated fight against organized crime and seizure of the transnational criminal groups’ illicit assets were some of the aspects discussed during the bilateral meetings held by the Attorney General

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, fulfilled a strategic agenda in which he met with the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Miriam Germán Brito; and the Attorney General of El Salvador, Rodolfo Antonio Delgado Montes.

In the meetings, it was agreed to strengthen judicial cooperation to jointly combat drug trafficking, money laundering, and migrant smuggling, among other transnational threats.

In the Dominican Republic

In Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado and Attorney General Germán Brito reiterated their commitment to coordinate capacities against organized crime; and they shared experiences and possible solutions to face new challenges posed by cybercrime.

“In this strategic meeting, we analyzed joint operations and results in the fight against a common enemy between the regions which is transnational organized crime”, stressed the Attorney General.

In the meeting with the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, it was agreed to renew the ties of judicial cooperation and share good investigative practices that can be applied by both entities.

In El Salvador

The Attorney General and his counterpart from El Salvador indicated the need to sign a cooperation agreement to fight in a coordinated manner the crime that affects both countries, and they proposed to maintain exchanges and training courses to update prosecutors and investigators from both institutions.

The crimes related to cybercrime, those that harm children and adolescents; as well as the environmental ones, especially the illegal exploitation of minerals, were the fundamental axis of the meeting. In this regard, the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado also shared the progress made with the strategy against animal abuse, through the aid of the so-called Gelma group.

Likewise, the good results in territorial security were mentioned; and valuable experiences about criminal economies that were affected thanks to the application of the mechanism of extinction of domain rights were also shared.

The Attorney General emphasized the benefits of international strategic meetings which include “to share experiences to improve our institutions and strengthen relations with other Prosecutor´s Offices in the region, with the sole purpose of uniting our work for the benefit of our citizens and for the benefit of justice in the region” concluded the Attorney General

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