Among the highlighted cases, is the prompt clarification of the murder of seven women in Valledupar and other municipalities in the department.

In Valledupar (Cesar), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, announced important results obtained in the fight against crime and crimes that harm the inhabitants of this region of the country. He was accompanied by the Deputy Attorney General, Martha Mancera; the Delegate Director for Territorial Security, Luisa Obando, and the Sectional Director, Andrés Palencia Fajardo.

During his visit, Barbosa Delgado highlighted that in 2022, progress has been made in clarification of 100 percent in the cases of femicides that occurred during this year; 66% in homicides of women, and 50% in cases of domestic violence.

Clarification of homicides, femicides, and criminal gangs.

So far in 2022, the Prosecutor’s Office has achieved the clarification of four homicides and three femicides that took place in Valledupar and in other municipalities of the department.

Among the results that were obtained, the Attorney General highlighted the arrest and prosecution of Israel David Vega Meyer, alias El Guasón, for his alleged responsibility in the crime of aggravated homicide of a woman on January 23 who allegedly was going to turn him in to a criminal gang that offered a COP $5 million reward for him.

The Attorney General also referred to the arrest and prosecution of Alex Wilmer Barbosa González, alias El Indio, for his alleged responsibility in the commission of aggravated femicide. The defendant allegedly violently attacked her because she owed him money. The man allegedly hit her with the butt of a firearm on her cranium, face, and chest. In these same facts, the aggressor allegedly wounded her several times with a sharp weapon.

Likewise, he presented a positive balance concerning the arrest of five alleged leaders of the Clan del Golfo involved in micro-trafficking activities in Bosconia, El Copey, La Loma and Valledupar. At the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, Luis Acosta Escudero, alias Arturo; Francisco Torres Feliciano, alias Enano; Elkin Gómez Hernández, alias Gallo; René Vega León, alias Omar, and Rubén Mejía Oliva, alias Chiche, were sentenced to prison.

Moreover, the dismantling of the residual armed group 41 was achieved. Five people were arrested and prosecuted for the alleged commission of kidnapping of a rancher from Cesar. The arrested people were sent to prison.

When we speak, results follow.