The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, chaired the clarification route- Ruta de Esclarecimiento Itinerante –  that will be in the department of Nariño this week. The Attorney General’s Office will bring justice to children, adolescents, and women in Pasto, Cuaspud, and Túquerres

This is the fifth occasion that the Attorney General visits the department of Nariño in nearly two years in office, “which has led from my Office more than 130 movements in the national territory, strengthening the sectional directorates.

“We know that there is a Pacific Nariño, that there is a Nariño that also involves our Afro people, the different indigenous reservations in Tumaco […] we have been there in those places, also in Telembí, in Barbacoa”, stated the Attorney General.

Regarding the urgency of visiting the territories, he assured that “it was necessary to come, it was also necessary to start establishing work routes in different municipalities” so that the Attorney General´s Office will decentralize its work.

In this sense, he also assured that it is “necessary to understand the dynamics not only of the Departments but also of the region. For the Attorney General´s Office to understand the regional crime corridors” is fundamental.

“I am proud that 90% of the people who are working with me, at the Prosecutor’s Office, are career people and women,” said the Attorney General about his work team.