Transparency for the emergency

The three institutions will intervene together to avoid irregularities in the contracting process of programs and services to overcome the sanitary emergency due to the coronavirus and will promptly investigate acts of corruption detected. 

The sanitary emergency which was decreed by the National Government to control the spread of the coronavirus and facing the social and economic problems that will emerge from the pandemic, will require a greater commitment of all State entities to take the proper actions for the benefit of all Colombian citizens. 

The Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Inspector General1 and the Office of the Comptroller General are aware of the need to intervene urgently and with a proactive spirit, therefore they agreed to articulate capacities in order to implement a surveillance and control program called “Transparencia para la Emergencia”2. 

Each institution, within the framework of its competences, will guarantee the strict compliance with the decreed measures, will take the preventive actions to guarantee the adequate use of public funds allocated to assist  the population, will verify the existence of the essential conditions to overcome the circumstances caused by the virus, and will promptly investigate and punish those acts of corruption that are identified.

1.Office of the Inspector General (Procuraduría General de la Nación)

2.Transparency for the Emergency