The fight against urban terrorism, considered as a renewed and dangerous expression of organized crime is part of the Strategic Direction of our institution for this four-year period. 

During the online seminar ‘Analysis and prevention of urban terrorism and other forms of political violence’ (Análisis y prevención del terrorismo urbano y otras formas de violencia política’), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, referred to how the institution has adopted strategies that take into account realities of the territories to achieve greater effectiveness in providing security for citizens and greater strengthin terms of processes brought to the judicial courts with conclusive probative material and physical evidence. 

“Urban terrorism is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon and it is essential to analyze and identify all its components and to combat it effectively,” stated the Attorney General regarding the commitment he made with the country and which is part of the Strategic Direction 2020 – 2024 that is currently in force at the Office at the Attorney General. 

The fight against urban terrorism and other actions that are carried out to tackle different forms of crime are part of the strengthening of the strategy of itinerancy in criminal corridors. It has been essential for the Office of the Attorney General to know the territories, the rivers, as well as the sociological core of the places, and understand the dynamics of crime. 

This has allowed to use a joint strategy between the different directorates, agencies and prosecutors to coordinate actions permanently in order to dismantle the organizations that promote terror. 

The prioritization of cases and the pursuit of high-value goals, as well as the creation of special task forces to investigate and prosecute people, have been key when confronting crime in different parts of the country. 

“Urban terrorism endangers public safety, life, honor and property of Colombian citizens and even the consolidation of a Social and democratic State of law,” stated the Attorney General Barbosa when he stood out the importance of attacking the different forms of criminality that occur in the territories and that reach cities bit by bit. 

“If we do not look at the territories, even if we continue talking about and working on urban terrorism, we are going to lose the cities and we are going to lose the country’ institutionality” said the Attorney General. He also reminded the provisions adopted to achieve the arrest of seven ELN leaders who had an Interpol blue Notice due to their link with the attack committed against the police academy Escuela de Cadetes General Santander which is located in the south area of Bogotá. This action was planned outside the main city of the country but had repercussion there. 

“ It is a priority for us, to bring those responsible people before justice, it is an urgent need. Therefore, the request for extradition of several of the ELN leaders is a legal and moral obligation that Colombia must have”, said the Attorney General. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.