• The Inspector General and the Attorney General will join efforts to investigate and prosecute, within the framework of their competences, any offense or crime related to management of the Vaccination Plan.
  • The main objective will be to avoid that vaccines become a bargaining chip and that corrupt people use them to make a profit.

Being aware of the enormous risks that surround the National Vaccination Plan on Covi-19, the Inspector General, Margarita Cabello Blanco, and the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, held a meeting and defined the roadmap and the first actions that the institutions will follow to monitor each of the stages of execution of this vaccination strategy.

In the meeting, aspects of great importance were reviewed, such as the preventive measures that will be taken to avoid any disciplinary infraction or crime related to the management of vaccines, paying special attention to the storage, transportation processes and especially the vaccination. In relation to this aspect, the Inspector General Cabello stated that “We are not going to allow vaccines to become a bargaining chip, and that corrupt people use them for profit.”

In this sense, the Inspector General and the Attorney General agreed on the need to carry out a previous work beyond the sanctions, since they consider that the aim is to save lives. And this will be fulfilled only if the infraction or the commission of the crime is avoided. However, they emphasized that those public servants or citizens who commit any infraction or crime related to the National Vaccination Plan should be sentenced with exemplary penalties in accordance with the lives they are putting at risk.