In different meetings with counterparts from both countries, successful experiences in terms of assets seizure were shared to be applied at the regional level.

As part of the international strategy led by the Colombian Attorney General’s Office,  the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, strengthened judicial cooperation with Paraguay and Argentina in the fight against transnational organized crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, financial crimes, and money laundering.

In his first meeting with the Attorney General of Argentina, Eduardo Casal, working routes were established between the two institutions to replicate successful experiences, such as the one carried out by the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office regarding assets seizure to impact not only leaders of criminal structures with their arrest and prosecution but also their finances.

On the other hand, the Attorney General Barbosa met with his counterpart in Paraguay, Sandra Quiñónez, and signed a memorandum of understanding that seeks to strengthen bilateral work against organized crime, among other crimes that affect both countries.

This memorandum includes the exchange of information and successful experiences that facilitate investigative and judicial police activities in drug trafficking, human trafficking, financial crimes, and money laundering.

When we speak, results follow.