• The work carried out allowed the arrest of 4 leaders of the Teófilo Forero structure for crimes committed against people in process of reincorporation. The seizure of half a ton of marijuana was achieved and the strategy between the sectional directorates of Tolima, Huila and Cauca was launched to combat crime in the region. 

• In Pitalito, the Attorney General announced the appointment of a special team to clarify the multiple murders committed in Buga (Valle del Cauca) this January 24th. 

As part of the decentralized and itinerant work in the territories, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado and part of his staff visited Pitalito (Huila). There, he met with public servants of the Sectional Office in Huila in order to analyze and implement strategies to combat crime in the Department and in part of the Central mountain chain known as Cordillera Central

The Attorney General Barbosa Delgado announced some of the results obtained in this area of ​​the country in recent weeks, such as the seizure of half a ton of marijuana, thanks to the joint operation carried out in that population by the Office of the Attorney General, the Police and the Army. 

He also highlighted another important hard blow: “In the municipality of Algeciras we arrested four of the main leaders of the Teófilo Forero organization that operate in that part of the department and who were charged with murder offenses committed against people in process of reincorporation and forced displacement.” 

“We have reached 100% clarification of murders against leaders and people in process in reincorporation in Algeciras and we are planning a joint strategy in the central mountain chain”, said the Attorney General when referring to the joint operations carried out by the sectional directorates in Tolima, Huila and Cauca, to combat crime and counteract crimes with the highest impact in the region. 

Clarification of murder in Buga (Valle del Cauca) 

“ I appointed a special itinerant team after the events in the Department of Valle took place. This is the same team that has solved and clarified murders in different parts of the country, so that, Deputy Attorney, Martha Mancera, will go to the crime scene tomorrow, (…) we will have clarifications will promptness and we can prosecute those people responsible. We give prompt results to the country. The Office of the Attorney General is in the territories and assists all citizens”, said the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa. 

The Attorney General’s Office shows results.