In the Department and in the main city, 33% of advance in homicide clarification has been achieved, and 42.31% in rural areas 

-The offensive against micro-trafficking led to the dismantling of 23 criminal organizations and the arrest of 184 people; 169 of these were deprived of liberty.

During his visit to the Sectional Office in Risaralda, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, highlighted the results achieved regarding the clarification of femicides in this Department; as well as the important advances in the fight against crimes such as homicide and drug trafficking.

So far this year, the Office of the Attorney General has identified seven femicides. In all these cases the alleged perpetrators have been brought to justice, this way achieving 100% clarification on this crime.

Due to the conclusive evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General, a judge sent José Reynel Vélez Aguilar, allegedly responsible for the aggravated feminicide of his sentimental partner, to prison. The victim was repeatedly beaten and died in spite of the medical efforts to save her life.

Another announcement made by the Attorney General was related to the homicide clarification rates that were committed in this part of the country. “Currently, the percentage of homicide clarifications in Pereira is 33%, and 42.31% in rural areas of this department which is an increase of almost 40% compared to the previous year”, said the Attorney General Barbosa Delgado.

The frontal fight against organized crime has also yielded good results in this part of the country.

So far in 2021, 23 criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking have been dismantled, two of them were also involved in selective homicides (through hitmen). Some of these are: Olimpia, Atlas, Vulcano and Venecia.

Seven of these micro-trafficking networks committed crimes in Pereira; six in Santa Rosa de Cabal; two in Dosquebradas and two in La Celia. In towns such as Marsella, La Virginia, Santuario, Apia, Belén de Umbría and Quinchía, it was possible to dismantle the drug trafficking networks that committed crimes there (one for each municipality)

As a result of this offensive, 184 people were arrested. 169 of them were deprived of their liberty, achieving the 92% of effectiveness in the security measures, “showing that the Attorney General’s Office keeps its promises with this department, with this area of the country and with citizens”, pointed out the Attorney General.

The Office of the Attorney General has doubled its efforts to counteract domestic violence. This allowed the city of Pereira, where the highest number of acts of violence occur at homes, to have a level of clarification of 32.4%, which exceeds the national average of 20.78%.

In the department, there is an advance in clarification of 29.28%, a higher figure than September 2020 which was 11.95%. In addition, the Attorney  General´s Office has transferred 680 indictments related to crimes of domestic violence.

One case that shocked citizens of Risaralda was the one of a man allegedly responsible for sexual harassment committed against his own sister, a minor under 11 years of age. The alleged aggressor was charged with aggravated violent sexual attack, sexual acts with a minor under 14 years of age and domestic violence. The judge approved the request made by the Office of the Attorney General and sent him to prison.

“As I said from the first day that I took office, the Office of the Attorney General goes to the territories, it helps people in the rural area and provides Colombian citizens with justice”, concluded the Attorney General.