In a joint effort, the Office of the Attorney General, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá and the National Police dealt a hard blow to four criminal structures linked to micro-trafficking, homicides and human trafficking.

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, in a joint statement with the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López; and the director of Public Safety of the National Police, MG. Carlos Ernesto Rodríguez, revealed the overwhelming results obtained in the fight against crime in the main country’s city.

The Attorney General pointed out that the investigative work carried out by the three institutions revealed four criminal organizations in the south area of Bogotá, which would be the main responsible for the illicit behaviors that affect public safety the most

In a simultaneous operation denominated ‘Kratos’, these criminal networks were dismantled and 22 of their alleged members were arrested and prosecuted.

  • Anubis

A criminal group denominated ‘Anubis’ was allegedly involved in the petty drug dealing in neighborhoods of Kennedy, Bosa, and Ciudad Bolívar. In addition to invading parks, educational environments, and public places for the distribution of the substances, the people who were part of this network intimidated the communities and allegedly participated in two homicides in the year.

Five alleged members of ‘Anubis’ were arrested and prosecuted for the crimes of conspiracy to commit aggravated crimes, and trafficking, manufacture, or possession of drugs.

  • Coteros

The investigative actions carried out for almost a year made it possible to identify several victims of a human trafficking network known as ‘Coteros’.

Apparently, young female foreign citizens in vulnerable conditions were contacted and taken under false pretenses to a commercial establishment in order to work but they were finally sexually exploited. Everything happened in an atmosphere of threats and extortions that prevented the women from escaping.

According to the evidence, these citizens offered the victims housing, food and work, while subjecting them to long hours of work, limiting their autonomy, causing fear, controlling their movements, imposing fines and forcing them to carry out sexual practices they did not want to do.

Four people who were allegedly linked to the criminal structure ‘Coteros’ were arrested and prosecuted for the crime of human trafficking.

  • Delta

The organization ‘Delta’ carried out drug shipments from the areas of production of illicit crops in Cauca and Huila to the neighborhoods: Nueva Deli, 20 de Julio, Los Libertadores, Juan Rey, Guacamayas, Las Cruces, Kennedy Central and Patio Bonito, and to the areas of San Cristóbal, Santa Fe and Kennedy.

The criminal organization collected the shipments, prepared the doses, and then distributed them to different parts of the city to sell them. The evidence shows that the commercialization included neighboring municipalities such as Soacha, Sibaté and Fusagasugá (Cundinamarca).

Seven people were arrested and brought before judges for the crimes of aggravated homicide (two cases), conspiracy to commit a crime; trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs; and illegal possession of firearms.

  • Los Monederos

Six alleged members of the criminal structure ‘Los Monederos’ were arrested. They were accused of committing activities related to micro-trafficking in the area of Kennedy. They were charged with trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs, and aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime.

Other actions

In addition to the results obtained in the ‘Kratos’ offensive, the criminal group La Felicidad was dismantled. It is allegedly responsible for the sale of narcotics in Corabastos, neighborhood Maria Paz and near Portal de Las Américas, in Kennedy.

11 people who were also linked to a murder that occurred on May 30 of this year, were arrested. The Office of the Attorney General charged them with homicide; manufacture, trafficking, possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition; and trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotics.

Finally, the Attorney Barbosa stated: “We are strategic partners in this fight against crime in the city. If Bogotá goes through a hard time, the country goes through a hard time. The mayor of Bogotá and the Attorney General formed a strategic alliance to tackle criminality”.

For her part, the Mayor Claudia López stated: “I assure you that the Police, the  Office of the Attorney General and the Mayor’s Office are working together as a team to combat these criminals, prosecute those who commit acts of vandalism, and protect citizens’ tranquility and security. I want to thank the Metropolitan Police and the Attorney General´s Office for the overwhelming results obtained this week that allowed us to dismantle criminal gangs”.

“We are going to reach every corner of the city with the Attorney General, with all his work teams, and with the Mayor’s Office, to move forward with the reduction of crimes such as homicide and theft, which affect citizens”, stated General Carlos Ernesto Rodríguez.

When we speak, results follow.