Thanks to a joint work between the Office of the Attorney General, CTI and the National Police, four cases were solved in Caldas, Nariño, Norte de Santander and Córdoba. 

Violence against girls, boys and adolescents is part of the behaviors prioritized by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, according to the Strategic Direction 2020 – 2024. Therefore, investigative actions were carried out in three days and were focused on determining the people responsible for sexual abuses and other attacks against minors. 

The joint work between the CTI and the National Police made it possible to advance in the location and prosecution of the alleged perpetrators of crimes against the life, integrity and sexual formation of children and adolescents in different parts of the country. 

Four facts that took place in Caldas, Cundinamarca, Norte de Santander and Córdoba stand out. These are: 

  • At the request of a prosecutor of the Sectional Office in Caldas, a prison sentence was issued for Juan Carlos Galvis Duque for his alleged responsibility in the abduction of a woman, and the disappearance and death of a 4-year-old girl in the area named Arma de Aguadas (Caldas).

The evidence shows that the alleged aggressor met his victim through social networks and agreed a meeting on the pretext of giving her some gifts for her two daughters. The man bandaged the woman´s eyes, beat her and abducted her with the two minors. 

The mother was located and transferred to a medical center, where she is recovering from multiple injuries and a trauma. Three days later, one of her daughters was found dead in the Arma River. 

Galvis Duque was arrested in a joint action carried out by the Office of the Attorney General and Gaula -National Police in the area of Pantanillo de Abejorral  (Antioquia). He was with the other victim´s daughter (18 months old).

The arrested person was charged with attempted murder, aggravated simple kidnapping, aggravated forced disappearance, and qualified theft. The defendant pleaded guilty to the first two charges. Given the discovery of the minor´s corpse, after the hearings* took place, the Office of the Attorney General is waiting for the the Legal Medicine results about the autopsy report in order to bring new charges. 

  • A man who sexually abused his 14-year-old stepdaughter was brought before  the Second Municipal Court with supervisory functions in Los Patios (Norte de Santander)

The facts took place on December 24th, in the rural area of ​​Puerto Santander (Norte de Santander). The alleged aggressor was caught in flagrante delicto by the victim’s mother. The Office of the Attorney General charged him with violent sexual offense and requested a prison sentence against him. This request was accepted by a supervisory judge. 

  • A man who threatened and attacked his partner with a sharp weapon in front of his stepdaughter was arrested in La Piragua neighborhood in Chinú (Córdoba)

During the investigation, it was learned that this person, apparently, told the minor what he was going to do. He put on a white wedding dress and looked for his partner who was packing her suitcase as she wanted to leave the house. The defendant did not want the relationship to end and he allegedly attacked her with a knife. The girl intervened and prevented the attack. 

The man was arrested, The Office of the Attorney General charged him with attempted femicide and domestic violence. A prison sentence was issued against him. 

  • Teófilo Nicanor Landa Cuero was arrested and prosecuted for attacking a 10-year-old boy with a sharp weapon in the rural area Salahonda in  Francisco Pizarro (Nariño). This person allegedly took the minor to a bathroom and stabbed him 20 times. The Office of the Attorney General charged Landa Cuero with attempted aggravated murder. A prison sentence was issued against this person. 

When we speak, results follow.  

*Several kinds  of  hearings  held  in  one  hearing  (known as audiencias concentradas in Spanish)