As a result of a joint action with the Army and the National Police, two ELN complexes to process cocaine, with an illegal capacity closed to one and a half tons of narcotics, were destroyed.

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, went to the core of Catatumbo to promote and guide the institution´s investigative capacity that combats the organized crime which profits from drug trafficking and affects citizens in this area of ​​the country.

The Attorney General held meetings In Tibú (Norte de Santander) with the Army and Police authorities, and reviewed the strategies defined to combat three illegal structures that became destabilizing factors in that border area: Los Pelusos, the ELN and the Organized Armed Group (Grupo Armado Organizado residual Gaor 33).

“There is no place in the national territory where the Attorney General will not go. The Office of the Attorney General for Colombian citizens, the Office of the Attorney General in all territories, shows results to the country”, said the Attorney general Barbosa Delgado.

He emphasized the need to prioritize actions against the so-called high-value targets. In Catatumbo, efforts will be focused on locating the main ringleaders involved in the commission of murders, forced displacements, intimidation of human rights defenders; and also on controlling illegal fields, the production of narcotics, and drug exit routes.

They are: alias Macho, from Los Pelusos; alias Alfred or Francisco, from the ELN’s Front named Guerra Nororiental; and alias Jhon Mechas, from Gao – 33.

Hard blow against drug trafficking

The Attorney General announced in Catatumbo, that two cocaine production complexes in the rural area Vetas Central, in ​​Tibú (Norte de Santander) were destroyed. The laboratories were able to produce about two tons of drugs in a month; and, according to the first verifications, they allegedly were owned by the ELN structure known as Luis Enrique León Guerra.

About a ton and a half of narcotics were seized, including cocaine hydrochloride and cocaine base paste. Additionally, chemical supplies and machinery were found.

“This coup is a hard blow against the ELN structure that profits from these resources by attacking civil people in this territory. The Office of the Attorney General, its prosecutors, its investigators, the Police and Army make presence to confront this phenomenon”, said the Attorney General.

The value of the narcotics and the items found in this operation would amount to COP 6,300 million.

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interes