Continuing with the Office of the Attorney General´s strategy: “En la calle y en los territorios”*, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado visited the Branch Office of San Andres and held a meeting with the National Police and businessmen of the island. The Comptroller  General,  Carlos  Felipe  Córdoba; the Delegate  Director  on  Public  Safety,  Carmen  Torres  Malaver; the director of the Branch office in San Andres, Tatiana Angulo Meléndez and Lieutenant Colonel, Julio Cesar Salgar Olivera, Operational Commander on Public Safety (National Police) also attended the meeting.

The Attorney General stressed the importance of teamwork between the institution and the National Police to yield positive results on public safety through the prevention and the development of investigations in a prompt manner to prosecute crimes that affect the community.

As a result of the meetings, two routes of action were established. The first one refers to the implementation of a corrective plan in cases of non-organized crimes and public safety. To achieve this, emphasis will be placed on judicial investigation and on a plan for crime prevention. The second one is to prioritize four cases of corruption on public works and irregular contracting during the emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The results will be known before the end of this year.

To achieve this objective in San Andrés Island, the strategic alliance with the Office of the Comptroller General and the Office of the Attorney General will be strengthened to persecute corrupt people who have used public resources.

The Attorney General heard island’s businessmen concerns about the upcoming trade opening and the effects that may have on public safety, pointing out that it is necessary to present proposals to accompany risk situations and criminal acts that affect the Island.

Finally, the Attorney General stated that he will visit San Andrés again to inform about the results yielded from the prioritized investigations and reiterate his solidarity with the inhabitants: “I have said that the Attorney General is your friend, that the Attorney General is someone that can help you and I want you to know that I carry the Island in my heart, “stated the Prosecutor.

*Which means near people and territories