Custodial measures were imposed against 66 alleged members of the criminal gangs for theft, extortion and drug trafficking offenses

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, in the company of Deputy Attorney General, Martha Janeth Mancera; and the Delegate Director on Public Safety, Luisa Obando Guerrero, traveled to Neiva (Huila) to promote the investigative strategies to dismantle the structures that affect the inhabitants in the streets and rural areas of the department.

The Attorney General referred to the specific strategies of micro-projects that have been implemented in municipalities such as La Plata, Algeciras, Garzón, Gigante, Pitalito, and Colombia. “We must tell citizens that we are also working on a strategy in the department of Tolima to combat crimes in the south area of the department of Tolima and the north area of Huila”

The actions that have been carried out, made it possible to obtain outstanding results in 2021 concerning the clarification of femicides and against organized crime

Fight against criminal organizations

The joint effort by the Sectional Office in Huila- Office of the Attorney General with the National Police and other institutions made it possible to dismantle 12 criminal gangs during the year. 72 members were arrested and 66 of them received a custodial sentence. Seven of the structures that were dismantled are linked to the commission of theft, three to extortion and two to local drug trafficking.

Among the illegal groups that were impacted are: Los Escobitas, Los Santachavas, Los Huesos, Los Chatarreros, Los Chachos, Los Gavilanes and Los Paquitas. According to the evidence they committed crimes mainly in the so-called comunas 9 and 6 in Neiva.

On the other hand, the structures that committed extortions, known as Los Brujos, Los Intermediarios and Los Sexys, were dismantled. The latter apparently asked people for money in exchange for not publishing their intimate photos that were shared on websites offering sexual services.

Also, there are Los Forajidos and Los Titis, which are micro-trafficking networks that operate in Pitalito and Suaza, respectively.

  • Clarification of femicide cases

The Office of the Attorney General clarified facts that occurred on June 20, in a farm in Los Pinos de Garzón (Huila). A person, identified as Leonidas Carrillo Escobar, allegedly attacked his partner with a knife. According to the investigation, the victim tried to ask for help, but the female owner of the property was unable to react and when she arrived, she found the woman dead.

The person under investigation pleaded guilty to the charges of aggravated femicide. A prison sentence was imposed by a judge.

Likewise, a person was sent to prison. He allegedly committed sexual abuse and tried to suffocate a 16-year-old cousin in Salto de Bordones de Isnos (Huila). The Office of the Attorney General charged the alleged aggressor with aggravated femicide with attempt and aggravated violent sexual assault.

In 2021, the Sectional Office in Huila obtained four guilty verdicts in more than 7 months, two for aggravated femicide and another two with attempt.

When we speak, results follow.