The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, arrived in the archipelago accompanied by a commission to launch a plan to rebuild the headquarters and restore the services.

The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, accompanied by Deputy Attorney Martha Janeth Mancera visited San Andrés and led a comprehensive verification of the level of impact of Hurricane Iota among the public servants working in the archipelago and the islands, as well as the damages that the natural phenomenon generated in different headquarters.  

In this sense, an action plan was launched to help the affected public servants and advance in the reconstruction of the headquarters to reestablish the service in the Department, and continue with the support in terms of security.  

The Attorney General, with the support of the Executive Directorate of the Office of the Attorney General, equipped the headquarters with 15 computers to replace those that broke down during the hurricane and will replace deteriorated furniture. Moreover, the access to the information platform of the Accusatory Criminal System (Sistema Penal Oral Acusatorio SPOA) will be enabled again. 

While the adaptations are made, the Attorney General activated the strategy “‘Fiscalía Móvil’ which will allow the institution to be in different sectors of San Andrés and learn about the judicial concerns that the community has; in addition to providing the necessary support to guarantee tranquility.  

“We have one hundred percent of loss in our Prosecutor’s Office in Providencia, but we remain firm. Today, we are here guaranteeing the island of San Andrés, the residents of San Andres, the access to justice. We set up a mobile committee of the Office of the Attorney General in different parts of the island to deal with citizens’ complaints. Likewise, patrol services have been established with the National Police to guarantee public safety”, stated the Attorney General. 

A CTI officers commission  traveled to the archipelago and will remain in the territory. This judicial police held meetings with the National Police and Sijin group of the Department. The security conditions at special points were reviewed and work plans were defined to continue with the investigative activity and assistance for citizens.  

“Thanks to the work that this Office had performed, 1,200 files that messed up in Providencia, had already been digitalized. Those files are virtually accessible, and we are going to bring our prosecutor who is in the island of Providencia with her two pets, we are going to bring her here to San Andrés. The situation is very complex, but we are here and we are guaranteeing justice”, highlighted the Attorney General. 

So far, there is a report of two public servants who lost their homes due to the severity of the rains and strong winds. As an act of solidarity and rewarding them for their hard work, the Office of the Attorney General will contribute to the recovery of their properties and will be ready to support them with their most immediate needs.  

An initial assessment made by the Sectional Directorate in San Andrés, the infrastructure of the headquarters and the CTI in Sarie Bay, and another in the Sunrise sector, shows not much damages and some filtrations of water in some areas of the buildings.  

The Office of the Attorney General extends solidarity greetings to the residents of  the archipelago and the other islands, and is willing to act within the framework of its legal and constitutional powers, when needed. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.