In this area of ​​the country, detention measures were issued against 227 alleged members of these criminal organizations.

In Bucaramanga, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, in the company of the Deputy Attorney General, Martha Mancera; and the Delegate Director on Public Safety, Luisa Obando Guerrero, delivered a balance of the fight against crime in the Department of Santander in which 44 criminal structures were dismantled between January 1 and August 30, 2021.

The Attorney General stated that these gangs committed drug trafficking or drug possession, extortion, theft, among other crimes that affected the tranquility of the citizens of this area of ​​the country.

Concerning micro-trafficking, 19 structures were impacted with a total of 158 arrests, the destruction of 11 laboratories and the seizure of 1,376 kilograms of marijuana, cocaine and derivatives.

In a joint effort with the National Police and the Army, security measures were achieved against 227 people who would be part of these criminal groups.

Among the criminal structures dismantled by the authorities are Los Pitosos, Los Monos, Los del Sur, Los Intocables, Los Marcianos, Jupiter, among others.

Some results:

  • Hard blow against ‘Jupiter’

The Office of the Attorney General prosecuted 14 members of the criminal group Jupiter-Tranxi for their alleged responsibility in the farming, processing, transportation, distribution and sale of cocaine, in the departments of Santander, Norte de Santander and Cesar.

According to the investigation, these people apparently carried out their criminal activities in the municipalities of Esperanza, San Gil, Aguachica and San Alberto, as well as in the city of Bucaramanga. 12 of them were sent to prison and two of them remain under house arrest while the process progresses.

In joint operations carried out with the Army and the Police, a seedbed of 1,000 coca plants was destroyed. Likewise, in the rural area of ​​San Alberto (Cesar), 14,000 plants of a three-hectare crop were eradicated.

The Office of the Attorney General charged them with manufacture or possession of drugs; conservation or financing of plantations; trafficking of substances for processing narcotics; manufacture, trafficking, possession of firearms; and conspiracy to commit a crime.

  • Members of ‘Los Pitosos’ were prosecuted

In Bucaramanga, 17 alleged members of the Los Pitosos criminal gang were prosecuted. They were allegedly responsible for extortion and theft of motorcycles in this area of ​​the country.

According to the investigation, this criminal group asked the victims for money after stealing their cars in exchange for recovering their properties. In the cases in which they did not succeed, they dismantled the motorcycles and sold their parts on the black market.

As a result of the home searches in which they were arrested,  a firearm, 4 cell phones and the license plate of a motorcycle that had been reported as stolen were seized.

The Office of the Attorney General charged them with extortion, criminal conspiracy to commit a crime with extortion purposes, robbery, receiving stolen property (aggravated) and illegal possession of weapons. Custodial measures on 17 people allegedly involved were imposed by a judge.

Progress made in the clarification of crimes in Santander

Within the framework of his visit, the Attorney General presented important results in the clarification of crimes such as homicide, domestic violence, sexual violence and femicide.

Concerning homicide, this crime went from 51.52% in 2020 to 52.44% so far in 2021 and about feminicide, it remains constant with a 100% of clarification.