The Office of the Attorney General informs: 

1. The Office of the Attorney General reiterates the historical and solid relationship with the Government of the United States and rejects, for being partial and false, the publication of Semana Magazine in its edition of October 25th, 2020 with a cover titled “FISCAL VERSUS EL TIO SAM” and the main article titled “Barbosa contra el Tio Sam”. 

2. The close diplomatic relationship between the Office of the Attorney General  and the United States Government has produced important results in terms of extradition and judicial cooperation between the United States and Colombia in the fight against the transnational crime.  

3. From the beginning of the administration of the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, the results in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational crime are concrete thanks to the joint commitment and work with the government of the United States. The results speak for themselves: 

a. 104 arrest warrants with a view to extradition. 

b. 50 people whose extradition is sought, were surrendered to appear before the justice of the United States in times of COVID 19 pandemic. 

c. Maritime interdiction of narcotics that has allowed the seizure of more than 60 tons of narcotics with a commercial value exceeding 1.4 billion dollars.  

d. Controlled deliveries for more than 312 million dollars have been carried out, exceeding the indicators between 2015 and 2019. 

e. Training program in organized crime and drug trafficking, for more than 100 prosecutors to strengthen criminal investigation against transnational crime. 

f. Binational cooperation projects for 21 million dollars in agreements related to technical strengthening. 

4. The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, reaffirms what the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Phillip S. Goldberg stated yesterday October 23, 2020 in his statement at the headquarters of the Office of the Attorney General, within the framework of the signing of a new cooperation agreement to fight crime and prosecute criminals in both countries by highlighting: “the close relationship that we have with the Office of the Attorney General, with the government of Colombia looking for more justice “.

5. Likewise, the Prosecutor Barbosa highlights what the United States Embassy in Colombia stated today, October 24th of 2020 in a statement: “Our collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General plays a fundamental role in these and other achievements, helping to create a more secure and stable region for the benefit of our citizens. This collaboration has continued with the Attorney General Barbosa”.  

“Colombia does not have a greater ally than the United States, and the United States does not have a better and most capable partner and ally in the region. We remain firm in our commitment to this alliance and with the people in Colombia”. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.