During his visit to the Branch Office in Cauca, the Attorney General Francisco Barbosa Delgado, announced the strengthening of a team of experts who will be in charge of clarifying the murder of six people in El Tambo (Cauca), which took place on August 21st. 

Likewise, the Attorney General announced the arrest and prosecution of Jean Anderson Fajardo, alias El Veneco, the alleged perpetrator of the murder of three members of the same family which took place on May 9th in the rural settlement known as Ovejas, in Suárez (Cauca).

According to the evidence obtained by a sectional prosecutor, the defendant allegedly attacked Armando Muñoz with a firearm when Muñoz was driving a motorcycle with his wife and three daughters, two of the girls aged 5 years and 10 months, respectively. The man and the two minors died, while the other two people survived. 

For these facts, the Office of the Attorney General charged Jean Anderson Fajardo with aggravated murder. A supervisory judge imposed him a prison sentence that must serve in San Isidro de Popayán prison in Cauca.