The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, closed the First Forum on Exchange of Jurisdictions. “In the territories there is life and there is also crimes, that is why we have to fight against it”, he said about the itinerant work strategy in all departments.

About the importance of teamwork, he assured that “one should always work with people who know the territory. Working for the Prosecutor’s Office is not just knowing a criminal code or procedure. It is useless if one does not understand the dynamics of the territories”.

“The Prosecutor’s Office is getting into citizens’ shoes”, stated Attorney General,  Francisco Barbosa, adding that “when talking about the fulfillment of the peace agreement, one wonders if an administration is going to be carried out as it is normally done or it will be aimed at the territories ”.

He stated that “this forum leads to a reflection about the Department of Nariño: the understanding of the territory where there are reservations, the Afro communities, but also citizenship to whom we must offer justice.”

In Pasto, the Attorney General Barbosa referred to the directive that specifies guidelines d that highlight the constitutional framework of recognition and protection of the special indigenous jurisdiction.

With the issuance of this directive, the Office of the Attorney General recognizes and respects the ethical and cultural diversity of the country. “We are very happy to issue this directive” which will help to have better communication with the Special Indigenous Jurisdiction and the ordinary justice system.

Through this directive, international documents are included. They are binding and of obligatory observance for the interpretation and implementation of indigenous communities’ rights.