In Popayán, the Attorney General highlighted the prosecution of alias Maritza, who is investigated for the crime of six people in El Tambo; the dismantling of network engaged in currency counterfeiting; and the seizure of a shipment of marijuana. 

After the announcement made by the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, about the clarification of the murder of six people in El Tambo (Cauca); Maritza Serna Bicoche, alias Maritza, was brought before a supervisory judge in Popayán for her alleged participation in the crime that took place on August 21.  

In a hearing*, the woman was charged with aggravated murder, aggravated conspiracy, and illegal possession of weapons. The defendant did not plead guilty to the charges. A prison term was issued against the defendant. 

Likewise, the items seized during the arrest proceedings were legalized. Ten (10) cell phones were seized, $ 2,500,000 in cash, three USB memories, and a laptop containing important information.  

During the investigation, a home search was carried out in one of her properties, where two laboratories for processing coca base and military equipment with distinctive logos of the ‘Jaime Martínez’ criminal structure were found. Alias ​​Maritza would be a member of this residual organization and would also be involved in the kidnapping of a soldier´s brother and the displacement of the victim’s family. 

The arrest and prosecution of Maritza Serna Bicoche is part of the so-called “Proyecto Cauca” which aims at identifying and dismantling criminal gangs, drug trafficking networks and criminal structures responsible for the attacks against human rights defenders and people in process of reintegration in the Department.

Results against crime in Cauca

During a visit to Popayán (Cauca), the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa Delgado, reported two hard blows against crime. The first one is the dismantling of ‘Los Pirita, a criminal organization accused of counterfeiting national and foreign currency and trafficking firearms in the Department. 

Seven alleged members of this illegal network were arrested. The evidence allowed to determine that they made believe that they were law enforcement officers or armed groups outside the law and they allegedly contacted inhabitants of different municipalities to offer them gold and dollars that were allegedly hidden in caches.  

The people who bought these items were actually deceived and ended up buying counterfeit bills.

Besides this result, there was a seizure of half a ton of marijuana in the north of Cauca, in a joint operation between CTI of the Office of the Attorney General and the National Army. An action that affects the finances of the Residual Organized Armed Groups (Grupos Armados Organizados Residuales Gaor) that commit crimes in the area. 

*Several  kinds  of  hearings  held  in  one  hearing