Fernando Varela Granada, alias Monster, the alleged leader of an international drug trafficking network wanted with a view to extradition to the United States, was placed under the authority of the Attorney General.  

This person would be the liaison of the criminal structure “La Oficina” with the Mexican drug cartels, such as “Los Zetas” and some residual groups of that illegal organization. 

Varela Granada is accused of coordinating the routes for the shipment of heroin and cocaine from Colombia to Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Panama through go-fast boats. In these countries, the drug was supposedly camouflaged in trucks in charge of transporting it to The United States. 

According to the accusation, alias Monster apparently lived in Guatemala and sporadically traveled to Colombia to meet with his contacts and specify the amounts and payments of the shipments. Due to the pandemic, he allegedly stayed in Rionegro (Antioquia) where he was arrested in a joint action of the Special Office against Drug Trafficking of the Office of the Attorney General and the National Police.