In a virtual hearing in which the court pronounced the sentence, the Second Criminal Court of the Special Circuit of Pereira found Yesica Roa Mejía criminally liable for the crimes of aggravated criminal conspiracy and drug trafficking, manufacturing or possession.

Therefore, the woman shall be subject to the penalty of 52 months in prison and a fine equivalent to 1.354 current monthly minimum wages.

The convicted woman is a member of a criminal organization, integrated by people in the same family, which is engaged in trafficking marijuana and cocaine base in Guática (Risaralda).

The Office of the Attorney General established that Roa Mejía sold illegal substances at her home with a minimum of $ 10,000, in the mentioned municipality.

It should be pointed out that the defendant pleaded guilty to the charges in the preliminary hearings which took place in November 2019 by virtue of a plea bargain due to her participation as author or accomplice, as well as 10 other people involved who have already been sentenced.