The arguments and evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General were decisive for a supervisory judge to issue a prison sentence against seven alleged members of the criminal organization knows as ‘Alta Gama’. 

These people are responsible for committing robberies in houses located in neighborhoods of Suba and Usaquén, in the north area of the city. In most of them, they pretended to make home deliveries in order to enter the buildings, to identify the possible victims, and to alert the other accomplices who were in charge of intimidating the guards and residents with firearms. They opened security doors and safe deposit boxes with the aid of a locksmith  

For these facts, a Prosecutor of the Unit (Unidad de Estructura de Apoyo  EDA) of Bogotá charged them with criminal conspiracy to commit a crime, aggravated robbery, and manufacture, trafficking, or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.  

The defendants are: Luis Carlos Grisales Morera, Germán David Espitia Ramírez, Juan Edgar Morera Linares, Juan Camilo Alarcón Peña, Carlos Augusto Otavo Linares, Alonso García Fonseca and Elmar Jhon Garzón.