The Office of the Attorney General, within the frame of its public safety strategy ‘en la calle y en los territorios’, and by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by a supervisory in Bogotá, arrested  two public servants and a lawyer for alleged acts of corruption in judicial proceedings. 

The Group of Delegate Prosecutors before the CTI requested the arrest of a municipal judge in Bosconia (Cesar), a prosecutor of the same population, and of a defense lawyer assigned to the Ombudsman´s Office. The latter appeared before the authorities in the last hours. 

The investigations carried out by the Office of the Attorney General show that these three people had created a criminal company since 2017, involved in the corruption of  legal proceedings in exchange for payments. According to the evidence collected by the  Office of the Attorney General they manipulated at least five judicial proceedings. 

For these facts, the defendants will be charged according to their participation as authors, co-authors or participants, among others, with criminal conspiracy to commit a crime, concussion, bribery, procedural fraud, breach of duty ( action), advice, and other illegal actions. 

The Office of the Attorney General makes this information public for reasons of general interest.