he illegal organization was engaged in extorting inmates to allow them their free mobility and to meet some of their basic needs within the prison. 

The Office of the Attorney General dismantled and prosecuted members of the  criminal structure Los del Patio that was integrated by inmates of the prison of Fusagasugá (Cundinamarca) known as Centro Carcelario y Penitenciario de Fusagasugá, who were accused of extorting other prisoners of the same prison. 

The investigation that was led by a Special Prosecutor- Gaula, appointed to the Branch Office of Cundinamarca revealed that from May 14, 2019 to date, a criminal gang composed of people sentenced of various crimes, had been extorting new inmates offering them cells, mattresses or cabins in exchange for economic demands. 

Likewise, it was established that those who refused to do so were wounded with sharp weapons until their relatives handed over money when they demanded it. 

“The new inmates were approached by two people known as alias El Pluma and alias El Mico who stated that they were the ones who controlled the patio and demanded them money  in order to have the right to sleep in a cell, on a mat and to avoid being attacked or harmed within the prison, “stated the prosecutor in the indictment.