At the request of the Branch Office in Pasto (Nariño), the Fourth Circuit Court revoked the house arrest measure that had been issued against Elsa Yaneth Mosquera Cabezas, mayor of the municipality of Olaya Herrera (Nariño) 2015-2019, and consequently, her confinement in a prison center was ordered. 

On December 16, 2019, a prosecutor from the Unit of Public Administration (Unidad de Administración Pública) in Nariño charged the former governor with aggravated embezzlement, undue interest in the execution of contracts, extortion, and falsehood in a public document. 

The events under investigation are related to the murder of Carlos Jimmy Prado Gallardo, a social leader of the municipality  Olaya Herrera (Nariño) and member of the Community Council of the Association (Asociación de Consejeros Comunitarios y Organizaciones Étnico-Territoriales en Nariño (Asocoetnar) in Spanish) which was carried out on 3 June 2018, after he reported multiple irregularities in the management of resources of the Mayor’s Office of the aforementioned municipality.