As part of the strategy defined by the Office of the Attorney General to prosecute in an effective way the people responsible for actions that affect the life, physical and sexual integrity of children and teenagers, a national event was carried out to bring people  involved in attacks against minors before the judges of supervisory functions (control de garantías in Spanish).

In this sense, a work focused on the 36 branches of the Office of the Attorney General was carried out during the first week of July and in coordination with the National Police 90 people were arrested, 81 of them based on a court order. According to investigations, 38 of the arrested people are part of the victim´s immediate family.


The evidence collected in each of the investigations allowed the delegate prosecutors to charge people with crimes such as child pornography with minors under 18 years old, pimping, violent sexual assault, abusive sexual assault, and sexual acts with children under 14 years old. Among those people prosecuted are members of the public force, parents, spiritual and religious guides, people close to the victims.